You are currently viewing FuelRods on big discount for Black Friday — buy now if you’re going to Disney

FuelRods on big discount for Black Friday — buy now if you’re going to Disney

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It’s Black Friday shopping season, so it’s a great time to snag a discount on things that will help you throughout the year.

While TPG has a roundup of some of the best Black Friday deals on Amazon that you should check out, there’s one seemingly small and easy-to-overlook item I wanted to call out if you are planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland (or a variety of other spots where it’s easy to swap them out): FuelRods.

FuelRods are certainly not the best external power sources out there, but they are really easy to use in places where you can swap them for free, like Disney.

In the parks, FuelRods are $30 each, but right now, you can get a pack of two for about $24.49 via the Amazon Prime sale. Paying about $12 for each, instead of $30 each in the park, is some savings worth noting.

Purchase link: [circuit type=hyperlink circuit_id=”20420169241″] for $24.49

FuelRod Portable Charger Kit.
FuelRod portable charger kit. AMAZON.COM

You need these in the parks because you’ll probably be draining your phone battery by taking pictures, checking ride wait times, ordering food and booking your Genie+ Lightning Lanes. There are tons of power banks on the market you can buy and bring, but while at Disney, a FuelRod is an easy solution that doesn’t require much preparation or add extra weight to carry around.

You can exchange these pocket-size battery boosters at machines all around the parks. Also, once you buy a FuelRod, you can exchange it for free at Disney as many times as you wish. Just drop your drained one in the machine, and a fully charged one that’s ready to go will pop out.

fuelrod machine

I’m a heavy phone user at the parks, and I usually get a few hours out of each FuelRod. So, a pack of two is perfect for my family to buy and toss in our park bag if we don’t get around to charging our other external batteries.

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While it’s free to exchange your FuelRods at the machines located throughout the Disney parks, it’ll cost you $3 at Universal Studios. That makes them slightly less attractive to use there. However, it’s still a better deal to buy the FuelRods for less in advance than pay $30 in the parks if you think you’ll be using them to power up.

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These prices were accurate as of Nov. 19 and will vary after that time.