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Delta makes it easier to track Medallion status progress with a new account dashboard

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Delta Air Lines is rolling out a new elite status dashboard to help Medallion members track their progress.

The new tracker offers a centralized portal where elite members can see their past and future flight accruals for Medallion qualification miles and Medallion qualification dollars. In addition, you can find your unused drink vouchers, certificates and eCredits in the dashboard.

Right now, two TPG staffers with Diamond Medallion status see the dashboard, while other members don’t. We expect this to roll out to all members over the coming days.

Let’s take a look at some of the dashboard’s features.

Future flight accruals

Scott Delta Diamond tracker

This one is new for Delta. Medallion elite members can see their future flight accruals in the new dashboard. Historically, this has been a feature United MileagePlus has offered in its Premier tracker — but United’s future flight tracker is known to often be inaccurate.

While we haven’t had a chance to test the accuracy of Delta’s, this feature certainly could help elite members in status planning.

Note that if you purchased your ticket from a platform outside Delta (i.e., a SkyTeam partner ticket you’re crediting to SkyMiles), don’t expect to see the flight accruals in the upcoming flight accruals.

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A centralized platform for benefits and certificates

Andrew Diamond SkyMiles benefits

Delta is also giving its Medallion elite members a new dashboard, highlighting the key features of your Medallion status. Medallion members can also view their drink vouchers, certificates and eCredits on this screen. Just note that Delta is still showing some recently expired certificates and vouchers in this screen, which may inflate the numbers for some members.

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Bottom line

Delta’s new elite status dashboard makes it easier for Medallion members to track their progress by showing future flight accruals. This will make it easier for Delta elite members to see where they stand on elite status progress for next year. Plus, it provides a one-stop shop for viewing certificates, eCredits and drink vouchers.

For now, this dashboard is only showing for some SkyMiles members, but we expect Delta to expand access to other Medallion elite members in the coming days.