You are currently viewing Use this Amex Offer for a free meal worth $50 — or maybe more with referrals

Use this Amex Offer for a free meal worth $50 — or maybe more with referrals

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Raise your hand if you like free food.

Thanks to a current Amex Offer, you could enjoy $50 of free food with inKind, a curated list of restaurants and cafes in the U.S. If you have friends or family members to refer, the amount of free food to enjoy could even higher.

Here’s how to use this Amex Offer from InKind for a free meal or two.

inKind Amex Offer

Targeted cardmembers will see an offer for inKind to get $50 back after spending $50 or more in a single transaction, expiring Feb. 28. (Note that you’ll need to pay gratuities separately.)

details of a credit card rebate offer

While inKind typically requires loading your account with a minimum of $99, you can load just $50 at the link mentioned in this Amex Offer. Thus, you could add $50 to your inKind balance and then receive a $50 statement credit from American Express.

From here, you can search for restaurants and cafes that participate in inKind, using your account balance to pay the bill. The inKind mobile app shows locations and allows you to pay the bill using your balance at more than 500 participating merchants in the U.S.

Remember that this is a targeted offer, so not everyone will be eligible.

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For those who see this offer, it gets even better through referrals, as noted by Frequent Miler. If you refer a friend or family member, you could both enjoy an additional $25-$50 added to your inKind account. That’s on top of the $50 statement credit from the Amex Offer, meaning you could enjoy $150-$200 of free food with another person by stacking a referral and the offer from American Express.

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When will you receive Amex Offer statement credits?

Although some statement credits appear on your account within a day or two, it can take several days to receive them on average. If you haven’t received your statement credit within 2 weeks, it’s worth calling or chatting with American Express to ask for an update.

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Remember, however, that you need to add these offers to your card before using them and then pay with that same card. If you don’t, you won’t receive the credits from Amex.

Bottom line

Depending on the restaurant you choose, $50 could cover one entree or provide a whole free meal for two people. If you can use referrals to receive additional credits in your inKind account, the value attached to this Amex Offer increases. Just remember that you can’t use your inKind account for gratuities, so bring cash or use your credit card to tip your server.