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Elite status requirements for Finnair Plus will change in March

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Finnair will adopt Avios as its loyalty currency as of March 9 — per the airline’s website — replacing the existing Finnair Plus points system.

Avios is the same loyalty currency used by British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling and Qatar Airways (which started using Avios in 2022).

Finnair operates flights from a handful of Oneworld hubs in the U.S., including New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), to its Nordic hub at Helsinki Airport (HEL), as well as destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Finnair Plus points become Avios

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Once the airline has fully adopted Avios, Finnair Plus award points will be converted to Avios at a 3:2 ratio. Avios prices will be updated with the same 3:2 ratio, and the value of current Finnair Plus points will not change.

As with the other programs that use Avios, Finnair Avios can be transferred to any other Avios program at a rate of 1:1, making this valuable currency easy to use.

Following the changeover, a current Finnair Plus points haul of 120,000, for example, would now be worth 80,000 Avios. TPG currently values Avios at 1.5 cents each.

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How to collect Finnair tier points

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Finnair isn’t just changing its loyalty currency. The overhaul will also see the Finnair Plus program shift to a revenue-based earning platform.

This means Finnair will award Avios and elite status based on the amount spent rather than the distance flown — echoing similar moves from British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus.

You will start collecting tier points and Avios from travel extras for new bookings made after Finnair Plus becomes spending-based March 9 (as well as bookings made before the changeover but flown after March 9) at the following rates for Finnair-operated flights:

Ticket type Tier points for flights within Northern Europe Tier points for flights within the rest of Europe Tier points for flights between Europe and Asia, North America, Doha or Dubai
Business Flex 1,670 3,340 13,340
Business Classic 1,340 2,670 10,670
Business Light 1,000 2,000  8,000
Premium Economy Flex N/A N/A 10,670
Premium Economy Classic N/A N/A 8,000
Premium Economy Light N/A N/A 5,340
Economy Flex 1,000 2,000 8,000
Economy Classic 670 1,340 5,340
Economy Light/Superlight 340 670 2,670

From March 1 onward, you will no longer be able to reach tiers with flights only. Your existing Finnair Plus tier points won’t convert until March 9, when they will switch to tier points under the new system at a 3:2 ratio.

While the status levels will remain the same, the following tier points will be needed to reach each membership level under the new system:

Membership tier Tier points needed
Finnair Plus Basic 0
Finnair Plus Silver 15,000
Finnair Plus Gold 45,000
Finnair Plus Platinum 80,000
Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo 300,000 (with 250,000 collected from Finnair)

New limits for Finnair Plus Lifetime tiers under the new system are as follows:

Finnair Plus Lifetime tier Lifetime tier points needed
Lifetime Gold 2 million
Lifetime Platinum 3.3 million

If your membership year ends at the end of January or February 2024, revised tier limits will apply. This means you will maintain your current tier or move up to a higher tier with the following tier limits:

Membership tier Tier points needed
Finnair Plus Silver 22,500
Finnair Plus Gold 67,500
Finnair Plus Platinum 120,000
Finnair Plus Lumo 450,000 (350,000 must be from Finnair flights)

If your tracking period ends in January and you’ve met the tier requirements by Jan. 31, or if it ends in February and you reach the tier requirements before Feb. 29, you will automatically maintain your current tier.

The same applies to moving up to a higher tier.

Many Finnair frequent flyers may not welcome this spending-based shift, but overall, the Avios adoption will hopefully open up much better redemption opportunities across partner airlines.

Finnair new award pricing

Following the changeover to Avios, award pricing for Finnair flights will be as follows:

Zone Economy class Premium economy  Business class
Finland and Northern Europe 6,500 Avios (+10 euros or $10.96) 10,000 Avios (+10 euros or $10.96)
Central Europe 12,000 Avios (+15 euros or $16.45) 18,000 Avios (+15 euros or $16.45)
Western and Southern Europe 13,000 Avios (+15 euros or $16.45) 20,000 Avios (+15 euros or $16.45)
Canary Islands, Madeira, Eilat and Tel Aviv 15,000 Avios (+30 euros or $32.89) 25,000 Avios (+30 euros or $32.89)
Doha, Dubai and India 28,000 Avios (+30 euros or $32.89) 42,000 Avios (+35 euros or $38.38) 55,000 Avios (+60 euros or $65.79)
Most of Asia and North America 30,000 Avios (+45 euros or $49.34) 43,500 Avios (+65 euros or $71.27) 62,500 Avios (+100 euros or $109.65)
Japan, Singapore and Los Angeles 30,000 Avios (+45 euros or $49.34) 43,500 Avios (+65 euros or $71.27) 62,500 Avios (+120 euros or $131.58)


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Other Finnair Plus changes

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With the overhaul, Finnair will also increase the number of award seats available on flights, guaranteeing at least four award seats on flights within Europe. Finnair’s long-haul flights will see at least eight award seats — good news for those looking for more redemption opportunities.

Additionally, Finnair Plus members will be eligible to receive extra rewards, such as upgrade benefits, upon reaching specific point limits, depending on their elite status. However, the details from Finnair here are vague, and exactly what this will look like is unclear.

Finally, Finnair Plus members now receive complimentary internet access for messaging on short-haul European flights operated by the airline’s narrow-body Airbus fleet. This perk will be available regardless of elite status.

In 2024, the airline will create a new Finnair lounge with a dedicated space for top-tier members on the Schengen side of Helsinki Airport. The current Schengen lounge will remain in operation until the new lounge opens.

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